Week 4

Um. You might be wondering what happened to Week 3. Well, Week 3, we stuck to the protocol, but I was swamped with other commitments and didn’t keep track of my intake. I am less and less hungry these days. I wake up between 5:30 and 6:30 am, whether I’ve gone to bed at 10pm (rare) or midnight (common). I have a bit of water and my thyroid med, then I don’t have anything else for two or three hours. I’ve been experimenting more with our morning juice, included garlic, ginger, and beets.

We’re basically on Full GAS now, though I’m still cooking lots of soups and stews. I have had a couple seemingly random allergy/asthma attacks, late a night, and would like to figure out if they’re food-related. I thought it could be from tomatoes, as it happened after eating Bolognese sauce, but it happened again after I hadn’t had any tomatoes for several days. I’ll keep track of them as they happen and see if I can determine a pattern.

Breakfast has become an incredibly elaborate affair. Juice, involving multiple veggies, then the kids breakfast, still oats and ghee, but this week, I’m taking out the maple syrup and sugar-sweetened fruit syrups and making cooked apples to go with their oats. Since we just smoked a new batch of bacon (honey-cured), we’ve been having that with breakfast. After that’s cooked, I fry onions, adding leafy veg once the onions are nicely browned. Then I cook eggs. I was up at 5:17 this morning and just finished breakfast a few minutes ago…it’s 10:33. The good news is this big late breakfast holds me over ’til 3 or 4 o’clock. I snack a bit on olives or cheese while I prepare dinner and I’m good.

My energy, especially considering how little sleep I’ve been getting, has been pretty good. I’m almost wondering if I should cut back a bit on my thyroid med? I might cut out 1/2 a grain of the 2-1/2 I’m taking now and see if I get more sleep. Not that I necessarily want to sleep more, but it’s supposed to be good for healing.

My feet are still bothering me, but I’m standing a LOT, with all the GAPS cooking + buying club food prep I’ve been up to lately. All things considered, they’re not as bad as they could be.

I read HellaD’s post about External Baths and then more here about the benefits of Epsom salts and have made a commitment to soak every other day. I’ve put it on my calendar in hopes that I will not forget. I would love it if that baths would help with the joint pain. On the days I don’t take baths, I’ll encourage the kids to and put Epsom salts in their bath.

Day 22 Bought 10 pounds of halibut fish frames at New Seasons today for $0.99/pound. Once I get the beef broth finished, I’ll make a big batch of fish broth! It was beautiful out this afternoon. I sent the kids outside to play and they didn’t come in ’til dusk. So looking forward to more warm weather.

  • Juice: Carrot and celery juice
  • Breakfast: Beef broth, bacon, sauteed onions and chard, two fried eggs, sauerkraut, duck liver pate
  • Lunch: Skipped
  • Snack: Green olives
  • Dinner: Goat Korma with Fragrant Cauliflower

Day 23 Mike’s been getting a lot of garden prep done and I need to plant peas asap. I’ve never waited this long.

  • Juice: Carrot, kale (from garden), ginger, green apple
  • Breakfast: Beef broth, bacon, sauteed onions and bok choy, two fried eggs, sauerkraut, duck liver pate
  • Lunch: Skipped
  • Snack: Salami and Swiss cheese
  • Dinner: Cabbage, Onions & Apples with Sausage

Day 24 Dry brushed my skin and then took a long soak in the tub last night. Looking forward to doing that more. Almond flour arrived finally…we were completely out! Baked some delicious apple-cinnamon muffins this morning. Had an mild allergy attack around 11pm.

  • Juice: Carrot, celery, beet root, parsley root
  • Supplements: CLO/Vitamin D, O3FA
  • Breakfast: Bacon, sauteed onions and bok choy, two fried eggs, sauerkraut, duck liver pate (forgot broth)
  • Lunch: Snacked on apple-cinnamon muffins
  • Dinner: Onion soup with sirloin, spinach salad

Day 25 I was a little concerned that making fish broth would make the house stink, but I turned 10 pounds of halibut frames into fish stock and the house smelled SO good. I really want to make some crab soup or clam chowder. (How do you do that without potatoes?) Also made a fresh batch of kimchi and blogged all about it.  Another huge breakfast, no lunch, and practically no dinner. I’m not trying NOT to eat, but I’m not driven by hunger. Took another Epsom salt bath.

  • Juice: Carrot, celery, beet root, parsley root, daikon, apple, ginger…one of my favorite combos so far
  • Breakfast: Beef broth, bacon, sauteed onions and bok choy, two fried eggs, sauerkraut, duck liver pate
  • Lunch: Coffee at cafe, a bite of Luc’s brownie (cheat alert: rice flour and sugar)
  • Snack: Homemade cream cheese and gravlax
  • Dinner: Skipped
  • Late night snack: Monterey jack cheese, pickled salmon

Day 26 Slept almost 8 hours last night. A rarity. I noticed this morning while carrying a basket of clean clothes upstairs that my knees didn’t hurt as much as usual. Overall, I feel less achy in my joints, mostly noticeably my shoulders. Is it GAPS or could the Epsom baths be helping so quickly? I had another bath this evening after dinner tonight.

  • Juice: Carrot, celery, beet root, parsley root, daikon, apple (forgot the ginger and it bummed me out)
  • Breakfast: Bacon, sauteed onions and kale from the garden, two fried eggs, sauerkraut, duck liver pate
  • Lunch: Skipped
  • Snack: Larabar and some Parmesan cheese
  • Dinner: Cioppino with Parmesan cheese and Sauerkraut

Day 27 Canned nine quarts of beef broth, six quarts of fish broth (plus one quart that broke in the canner), and 1 quart of duck broth. Last night I went to bed around 10pm and slept ’til 5:30 or so. Mike didn’t clean the kitchen when he got home late last night. I was pretty frustrated to wake up to a messy kitchen (longstanding issue), so I just made myself a simple breakfast and got out of the house for a while. Came home to a clean kitchen and house, made muffins, and soaked cashews and peanuts. Finally made sauerkraut. We’re going to run out before this batch is ready, but still have plenty of kimchi, plus the batch I made a few days ago. I am obsessed with food.

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with smoked salmon and cream cheese, coffee
  • Lunch: Slice of beef tongue, slice of cheese, olives
  • Dinner: Apple cinna-muffins, coffee

Day 28 I hosted a Demarle party today, cheated a bit having a slice of cheesecake (sweetened with sugar). Made a delicious dinner, made even better because everyone ate some of everything I prepared and seemed to enjoy it all. Or at least, there were no complaints.

  • Juice: Carrot, beet, daikon, ginger, apple, 1 scoop of kelp
  • Breakfast: Almond flour pancake, bacon, 2 fried eggs, fried onions, duck liver pate,
  • Lunch: Quiche rancheros, carrot muffin, roasted butternut squash and onions, cheesecake, coco-cocoa crack
  • Dinner: Roast duck with cherry-balsamic sauce, roast leeks, green salad, pickled chard, coco-cocoa crack, glass of cherry hard cider

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Durga Fuller
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 11:17:52

    Hey Chris,

    Just a quick note – within a few weeks of what was essentially the GAPS diet, but minus any sugars, I started to get strong hyper-thyroid symptoms. That was a couple years ago. I ended up cutting my dosage by a third, which was perfect.

    Congratulations! Amazing when healing happens.


    • Chris
      Mar 30, 2011 @ 11:25:37

      Thanks, Durga! I’m still vacillating about changing my dosage. I’m a little worried to do it without getting my levels tested and we just can’t afford that right now. Part of me feels like I should just trust myself to gauge my reactions if I drop my dosage, but I’m still getting used to this idea of managing this aspect of my health on my own.


  2. Durga Fuller
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 21:15:16

    I’ve had a few meetings with a local ND who specializes in thyroid issues, and she encourages her patients to self adjust. She said it’s common to need more supplementation in the winter months, and then be able to back off again in the spring and summer. She tracks almost entirely on symptoms rather than testing. It’s just one practitioner’s method, but I offer it as a perspective.

    Good luck! Go with your gut, I say….


  3. Durga Fuller
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 21:18:06

    So to speak – lol!


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