Day 10

‘Nother busy day. We sliced and packaged many pounds of bacon, finished beef broth and duck broth, and pork fat…and cleaned the kitchen.

  • Before breakfast: Carrot-turnip-kale-celery-apple juice
  • Breakfast: Beef broth, bacon, two eggs and bok choy fried in bacon fat, liver pate
  • Lunch: Skipped
  • Dinner: Pork with Fennel and Apples, sauerkraut, creme fraiche, applesauce

While we’re doing fine with the dietary aspect of the protocol, I’m still challenged to remember to take my supplements. I should be taking vitamin D/cod liver oil and omega-3 fatty acids with breakfast and HCl with all meals, but I just forget. My goal for the coming week is to get into a routine with taking at least the first two. I can remember to take my thyroid hormone and probiotic because I take them first thing in the morning, but once everyone else is up, the distractions of making breakfast, mediating disputes, getting people ready to get out for the day tends to make me forgetful. I have been making my juice an hour or so after I get up and may try adding my liquid supplements to my juice and at the same time, setting up everyone else’s in water or juice. Remembering the HCl at every meal is going to require some other tact. Ideas? How do you remember to take your supplements?


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