Day 8

After going a bit off protocol over the weekend, we returned to it Monday. Carrot juice does seem to have helped. The duck was fantastic.

  • Before breakfast: Carrot juice, about half a cup
  • Breakfast: Liver paté, fried with onions in ghee, two eggs fried in ghee, kimchi, beef broth with ghee
  • Lunch: Leftover gingered carrot and shrimp soup with kraut and kimchi
  • Dinner: Roast duck, bok choy, onions, ginger and garlic sauteed in duck fat, kimchi

The kids are taking more of an interest in the diet, which I suspected would happen. We still have some rolled oats and rice pasta left, so I’m allowing them to slowly work through those. I’ve explained that they must have eggs or meat with every meal, some fat whenever they eat carbs, and a bit of kraut or yogurt everyday. Luc agreed to cream with his oats and admitted they were good that way. I’ve explained a bit about bacteria and digestive healthy and why carbs alone aren’t healthy. I don’t want to force this diet on them, rather, I hope for them to see that Mike and I are enjoying this food and that they can too. They were very excited to have roast duck–both ate an incredible amount of food at dinner and even seemed to enjoy the bok choy.


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